Aaron Durall is a successful lawyer and businessman currently living in Sunrise, Florida.


Aaron Durall: Florida Lawyer & Businessman

Outside of his legal career, Aaron has also been heavily involved in a number of unique ventures. Aaron has experience operating several hospitals and is the founder of Reliance Laboratory Testing. He is striving to make healthcare as accessible as possible for people regardless of location or socioeconomic status. Aaron also strives to eliminate long wait times for laboratory results while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.

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Toxicology testing through Reliance Laboratory is affordable, convenient and reliable.


Rural Healthcare and Community Outreach

aaron durall healthcareThe current political and social climate has encouraged Aaron to become more involved in community outreach programs. Aaron Durall is a strong believer in helping people in need and closing the gap that exists between different strata of society in terms of wealth and access to healthcare. Change will start with people taking action and Aaron is trying to do his part. Community outreach, very broadly, involves providing services to groups of people who would not otherwise be able to access these services. Unequal access to healthcare is one area where the U.S. needs to drastically improve. It might be shocking for many to hear that 30 million Americans live more than an hour away from a hospital or care center capable of providing trauma care. The Americans most commonly affected by this are those living in rural areas.

As proper access to healthcare facilities is so obviously lacking in rural communities, the rate of accidental deaths in these areas is dramatically higher than that of urban areas. To make matters worse, rural hospitals are closing down at alarming rates. Since 2010, in fact, over 85 hospitals have closed, most of them located in rural communities.

Aaron Durall, through his community outreach ventures, hopes to provide much-needed support to rural Americans who need it.