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Aaron Durall understands the importance of lab testing. Having been an attorney on several community boards over the course of his career, Aaron recognized the noticeable lack of hospitals and laboratories serving rural American communities. Reliance Laboratory Testing started when industry leaders approached Aaron with a proposal to make a difference in rural communities.  Immediately interested, Aaron and his partners began working towards creating a state-of-the-art lab in South Florida. This lab would conduct testing for hospitals all around the world.

Aaron knew that if he wanted his lab to be the best, he would have to hire the best staff and purchase the best equipment. This is exactly what he did.  By recruiting the best doctors and lab technicians and by using only the highest quality equipment, Aaron’s lab was able to quickly and accurately test blood and urine for hospitals and agencies around the world.

Role of Lab Testing In Healthcare

Laboratory testing is an essential aspect of the American healthcare system. Healthcare providers often depend on laboratory testing in order to make the correct diagnoses and determine which treatment option to pursue. As such an indispensable part of the healthcare system, testing labs need to be able to consistently perform high quality, accurate testing quickly. Knowing the important role that his lab would playing, Aaron Durall invested a great deal of time and money into ensuring that Reliance Laboratory Testing would able to flawlessly perform the large quantity of testing required.

Aaron Durall Lab Testing

Companies who specialize in drug testing also extensively use lab testing facilities. Urine testing determines whether an individual has recently consumed any illegal substances. Reliance Laboratory Testing regularly tests urine from across the country and provides feedback on which samples, if any, showed evidence of recent drug-consumption.

Ensuring Accuracy

Quality control tests occur once daily. Experts test samples that have known values and will react in certain ways. If these samples don’t react properly, testing will cease until the experts determine the cause of deviation. All quality control testing results are meticulously documented and recorded. These records are also compared against previous testing results to spot any trends or outliers that may be present. These quality control tests rotate around the different lab technicians to ensure competency.

The accuracy of lab testing is also heavily dependent upon the staff working at the lab. Due to the nature of the testing being conducted at Reliance, strict hiring criteria are in place. Lab directors must have an advanced degree and a substantial amount of laboratory experience. Aaron also ensures that his lab technicians and directors attend seminars and workshops to continuously develop and enhance their skills. All lab staff at Reliance have their competency assessed annually.

Absence of Testing for Rural Americans

Much in the same way that hospitals and trauma centers are less accessible to rural Americans, lab testing is also not a luxury many rural residents enjoy. The absence of lab testing centers means that greater numbers of misdiagnosis happens to a greater number of Americans. Rural residents either receive the wrong diagnosis or fail to receive diagnoses entirely. Similarly, misdiagnoses have also lead to greater numbers residents receiving the wrong treatment. Additionally, when testing was conducted it had to be sent to facilities located very far away. The distance between the lab and the hospital often meant that patients were waiting weeks or even months for results.

Reliance Laboratory Testing has been a welcome addition to rural America. The lab quickly and accurately conducts testing and delivers results. As such, they it reduced wait times without compromising the accuracy of the results.


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